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We work with a sense of touch & creative flair to make both construction and design more Beautiful & Magnificent.

I am delighted and deeply appreciate the beauty and creativity around me. My joy and contentment are amplified when I encounter things that are beautiful and innovative. My greatest happiness is achieved when I create a beautiful and commendable space, one that leaves a lasting artistic impression on those who experience it.

The beauty of artistic work is revealed in the design and decor, where each element of the artwork connects with one another harmoniously in terms of composition, form, and structure.The interior structure is adorned with a variety of colours,eachaddingtoits beauty in a way that complements its various parts. The eye and mind follow a logical and psychological sequence, forming a unified pattern that is the internal structure, per- ceived by the mind as a picturesque passage.

That’s why we are here, to bring joy and happiness to people and transport them to a captivating world where creativity and artistry reign supreme.

Eng. Lina Al Sibai


We devote all our efforts and expertise to be- coming a creative interior design and decor company in constructing and shaping elegant and exceptionally beautiful offices and homes, adhering to the highest global design stand- ards. That’s why we embarked on our journey by presenting models in the largest markets worldwide to establish a strong base of global partnerships capable of organizing various de- signs that meet the aspirations of audiences everywhere.

We manage various contracts with a strategic partnership approach, offering design consult- ing services that originate from within the Kingdom and extend beyond its borders to fulfill the aspirations of our partners, thereby competing with major companies in this field.

Eng. Lina Al Sibai

Lina Al Sibai… American of Syrian descent

With academic qualifications in arts and design from New York University and Richmond International University.

In addition, she has completed several courses in Commercial interior design, The impact of colours on human psychology and behaviour, Color mixing art, and Harnessing positive energy in the home through the arrangement of interior furnishings.


To create what people can sense as beauty, art, and creativity, and to craft a global human creativity with highly creative touches in its objectives, inspirations, and echoes.


To meet the client’s needs with great attention to the finest details and respect for culture because we believe that no project can suc- ceed without respecting its environment. This is due to what sets us apart from others: our exceptional and unique professional knowl- edge in understanding the impact of design, materials used, furni- ture layout, and color blending in space. We aim to provide profes- sional design solutions for various types of projects, from residential to commercial, urban, and landscape.







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